Wednesday, March 31, 2010

quarter-life crises

I’m starting to believe that quarter-life crises actually do exist and I may be caught in the midst of mine. My QLC (quarter-life crisis) sure knows how to be prompt at only two months into my 25th year, so bravo I suppose! Technically, I’ve been feeling this coming on for quite some time, but that was all just the calm before the storm of every day freak outs, threatening to drop everything and move abroad, and constant edginess. I’m sure this is normal for young women (or men!) my age to go through the inevitable worries of any and everything under the moon, but I don’t see the obvious indications from most of my friend base.

Symptoms of a QLC:
-Laugh, Cry, Panic…then repeated 12 times per day
-Make threats to non-existent persons that you’re just going to pull a geographical and move somewhere new
-Consider getting a tattoo on your face that asks, “What am I doing with my life?” since this seems to be the most common theme in your life at the moment.
-Convince yourself that Eat. Pray. Love. was actually written just for/about you and that you should be playing the lead role in the movie instead of Julia Roberts.
-Change your mind no less than 65 times a day on something as simple as what to eat for lunch.

Do you ever feel this way, or did you at some point in your life? How do you handle it?


  1. hahahah YES to all of the above. I don't think you're crazy, but I think all of the symptoms are awesome so you have nothing to worry about. Maybe when you come to Europe this summer you'll just stay forever!

  2. YES YES YES! I just turned 26 and the few months leading up to it, and the month after it so far has been ridiculous. I'm pretty sure I'm scaring my loved ones with my crazy talk. Momma just keeps saying 'you'll find your way' so I just keep trusting she's right... maybe the mayhem is just what we need to kick our butts in gear...?