Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a post devoted entirely to hummus.

Some people daydream about their prince-charming. Others dream about an Avatar-like utopia. Me? Almost always about food and/or what I get to cook or bake that evening. Not only do I just love food and eating, but the act of cooking/baking is one of the most therapeutic things I can do for myself. However, this love affair with cooking hasn’t always been around—I used to think a can of alfredo sauce and noodles with a pre-packaged Caesar salad was a really fine meal. Only in the last 2-3 years has it become something I truly love. I certainly don’t claim to be the next Julie Powell, but I am really glad that food and cooking excites me in a similar way.

And with that thought came another thought: what food could I not possibly live without? I’m talking if you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My natural reaction to any question is to really think it through, and probably sit on the fence for two solid days before making a final decision, but to my surprise the answer just rolled right off my tongue.


Such a beautiful word isn’t it?  Say it with me now. "Humm-us!" I love hummus more than some of my friends (not YOU, just some friends). And I truly believe with all my heart that I could never get sick of it. Why how could you when there are so many flavors to choose from? And the best part about hummus? Its undeniable ability to complement anything from crackers and pita bread to breakfast toast and spinach salad.  There isn't really much that I wouldn't do for hummus.  It's a love story, really.
(Note: I have not yet tried it with chocolate, but I am almost willing to bet it would be delicious in a weird way.) 

So, tell me what food could you not live without and/or had to eat every single meal for the rest of your life?


  1. i LOVE hummus too. i dream about the hummus in greece on a regular basis... the chickpea hummus from chah chahs was really good too!

    p.s. i made the banana cake today and i am blogging about it tomorrow. to.die.for.

  2. i totally agree :) hummus and carrots is my fav snack.

    ps- i love your profile description...we must be twins :)