Monday, July 26, 2010

new job

Today was the first day of my new job--Hooray!  I am now working for the Nashville Technology Council handling their events and membership (check us out here).  Ya’ll knew I was a geek, but probably not a tech geek huh?  Truth is, I’m not really, but I think I have potential to be because it’s something that really interests me.  Plus, technology is always changing at such a rapid pace that I’m surely never to get bored with it. 

It was a pretty overwhelming day, as most first days anywhere are, but I have a good feeling that I’m going to love it once I get the hang of things.  I’ve got some pretty rad coworkers on my hands as well, and that never hurts.  Lots to learn, but I’m ready for the challenge.  Here we go!

Monday, July 19, 2010

summer shenanigans

Have I ever told you how much I love summer?  I’m at the peak of my happiness on any given day in the summer, and one of the biggest contributors to said summer happiness is canoeing.  Reasons why it is one of the best forms of summer entertainment: it’s cheap, it’s an all day adventure, BYOB, you get exercise, you can bring your dog, and most importantly, it provides an arena to wear cut off jean shorts and fake tattoos.  Can we say dream come true?

This past Saturday was canoe trip #2 of the summer and there were 17 of us in the group.  It was pretty epic—I felt like we were on an adult version of “Wild and Crazy Kids”.  The day started with everyone applying no less than two fake skull tattoos that I purchased for a whopping $2.99 for a 50 pack.  It ended with a group dinner at Las Palmas where everyone was so tired that it was hard to chew our chips.  These pictures should suffice as documentation of everything in between. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

no more excuses

I’m going to try a new approach to this blogging thing.  Here’s the thing: I have always felt like I have to write something profound or upload photos of something really cool that I’ve done in order for it to count as a worthy post.  But you see, I’m not all that profound, and I don’t do wildly incredible activities that merit blinding someone with the flash of my camera on a daily basis.  But I’m happy. Happier than I can remember being in quite some time in fact.  And I’ve decided to write about just that—what makes me happy.  As well as some things that make me unhappy of course, but inevitably contribute to my crazy good, happy life.  So here it is: I promise to just write what’s on my mind, or tell a funny story, or to take pictures of ordinary, but great things that occur on a typical or not so typical day.  Because really, I’m only doing myself a disservice by not documenting this adventure called life, and I prefer not to disservice anyone, especially myself.