Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a new era

Yesterday was a strange day. I had two very significant realizations that completely took me by surprise. I’m still processing all of this, as it could very well be a fluke and this new found awareness could go flying out the window. But for now, I’m embracing it and it feels good.

1. I have always been an avid hater on the fall season. It makes me anxious and out of my element. Also, I’ve been known to challenge the cooler weather by raising it a sundress and usually end up getting my ass kicked. However, this fall has been rather enjoyable and I’ve found that I somewhat like it. This is a huge deal for me—ask my friends and they’ll tell you I usually avoid fall like the plague. But not this year. I’m a fall lover (well, atleast liker). And I feel like a pretty cool cat for this.

2. I only eat red apples, but after a friend told me about a delicious salad recipe involving Granny Smith apples, I began using them. I thought it was a salad-only love affair, but yesterday I ate one whole and my taste buds did a little jig! This means I have another fruit to choose from and I don’t have to decline offers when there is a “green apple only” situation. I’m not racist!

1 comment:

  1. omg mollie we are twins!!!!!!

    1. every year of my whole life, i basically cry myself to sleep when the summer is ending. literally.. but this year, i have been CRAVING fall and hating this warm weather in charleston.

    2. i have been obsessed with granny smith apples my entire life, and they have always been the only apples i will eat. but like two months ago, i started loving red apples with lemon juice squeezed on them (gala, honeycrisp, pink lady) and i don't even really like green apples anymore! ha!