Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think I’m homesick. It’s strange to use the term homesick when you’ve lived away from your parents and “home city” for over six years, but it still has a way of getting to me. Nostalgic is probably a more appropriate term.

I miss my house and neighborhood in Raleigh. I miss the comfort and naivety of being in high school. I miss my morning routine with my parents in high school (which I took advantage of at the time and would do a lot to have that routine now). Every morning I came downstairs and drank coffee with my parents and played with my dog who was much more concerned with my mother’s buttered toast that may or may not fall to the floor. I would then go shower and get ready for school before returning downstairs to put my English muffin or bagel in the toaster, and then run out the door with breakfast, shoes, backpack, and usually a juice box in hand. Actually, one time I completely forgot to grab my shoes and drove all the way to school before realizing my oversight. I was not a happy camper.

I still view my morning routine as somewhat sacred, but it’s much different now. I still drink my coffee or tea, but while watching the Today Show or Sabrina the Teenage Witch (don’t you dare judge me). I still play with my dog. And I still don’t eat my breakfast first thing (I wait until I get to work). But I do this by myself. Like a big girl. And most of the time I love it. I enjoy my quiet time in the morning, but sometimes I wish I had savored those mornings with my family more, because I sure do miss them lately. [insert my mother's tears here]

What do you miss? What are some routines of yours that stem from old family tradtions?


  1. mollie we are kindred souls... i'm serious. everything you ever write here, on twitter, or on facebook i just want to call you and say me tooo me too!

    i love love love my mornings too...it's MY time in the day, i don't even let tyler be here. but i still always miss my dad waking me up with a cup of coffee and sitting in the kitchen with my family in the mornings. i kind of feel like i will always miss them and i just need to live around them eventually. they're just such a big part of me!

  2. i have moments in the car when my windows are down and i'm rocking out. it takes me back to the days when my dad would pick me up from daycare, and later school, in his old pickup truck. it didn't have air-conditioning, so down the windows went; and b/c my dad is an old rocker-soul up with the classic rock radio station. we'd stop at the corner store and get a slushie, and i could ride the rest of the way with my set-belt off (i felt like a total rebel!).

    sighhhh, i too have those moments, not just with missing 'home' but seasons of life whether it be an old hangout, rountine, or place i've lived. it's strange to me that during those seasons i can't wait for the next, and when it finally arrives i feel empty and yearn for days past. what can i say, i feel like i'm living in an episode of the wonder years.

    ps-i dare not judge, b/c i watch sabrina too!!! ahahahaha

  3. I miss my dad making me a fried egg and toast for breakfast on saturdays

  4. I miss everyone at the table reading newspapers and eating cereal. Sounds maybe lame but it was such a great feeling each morning!
    And I'm so not judging. Just watched it, too! :)