Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have been having extreme wanderlust tendencies (I know, this is really nothing new), and convince myself almost daily that I'm just going to pack up and move somewhere---BECAUSE I CAN.  I'm young, unattached, and open to uncertainty for the most part.  With the exception of going to college 10 hours away from my parents, I don't feel like I've ever really taken a risk (at least in my eyes) and done something huge to to broaden my horizons or really take me out of my comfort zone.  I want that.  I want to be able to look back and say I did something like that.  Because sometimes I feel like time is just slipping through my fingers and it kills me.

However, the other side of this is the fact that I love my city.  Like love it.  I love the life I've created here-- the friends that keep me sane, my parents being close, and all that sweet Nashville has to offer--and sometimes even the thought of leaving that makes me emotional.  

So tell me, do you ever feel this way?  Have you packed up and gone somewhere or taken a risk that was life-changing?  Please share!  I sure would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Javi and I just watched a documentary last week called 180 degrees south about a guy who just up and went on a 7 month trip to South America for all the reasons you listed above (you would love it - it's on Netflix Instant). After that for about a day Javi and I felt the same way - why don't we just do that??! but of course there are all kinds of realities to take into account that just up and leaving involve and in the end we've both worked really hard to get where we are, so that made us feel a little better about not being so carefree as we sometimes would like. Plus we're only in our 20s...it seems like this is the only time to do that, but that's not really true. Watch that documentary - there are two 70 year old dudes (granted, the owners of Patagonia and North Face, so two 70 year old millionaires) but they still live like they are in their 20s. It's never too late!

  2. In fact, I hope when I'm an old lady I still want to do crazy stuff like that.

  3. Mollie, I totally feel this way all the time! I think you knew this, but I recently went to the UK to look at grad schools.... I've been agonizing over whether or not I should do it, for all the reasons you gave! It's a hard decision, but I don't think its anything we will ever regret, and as Michael W. Smith always said, "Friends are friends forever..." :) Still, I know its a terrifying leap to make!

  4. Oh love, i feel like this all the time... It feels like whilst we are young we should do something exciting and amazing to be about to regale people with when we are old....
    who knows if we will!